or seosamh dáire is an author, painter, and HTML artist.

he writes and draws the sci-fi comic SUPERPOSE with his partner Anka, as well as provides ARG and web design elements for this and other projects.
BFA 2015. CV available upon request.

this work features mainly trans men and masculine people in t4t relationships and cruising. ranging from erotic to ambiguously romantic to platonic camaraderie, and sometimes depictions of harm (self or external) as well as self portraits, all of this is shown together to imply full lives, sexual and non-sexual, at all ages. This is what is real. this is how a mind accesses and references, with or without pattern.
anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-cop and this includes the capitalist and punitive medical system. this work does not seek to be or depict anything traditionally cisgender, cis-passing, cis-approved. this work may have been made to cope with certain feelings or experiences or to envision moments or full lives of ease and access, but work like this isn't predicated on or made necessary by hardship. work by trans people, or any marginalised group, doesn't need to be overtly or even obviously autobiographical, or universal, or pleasant. creating this work is an attempt at knowing. and if not knowing, understanding. and if not understanding, respecting. the work is an attempt to communicate that which is hard and hard to put into words. the work is an attempt to grasp the vastness, to be unique among many but whole with them.
this presentation is intentional. this work is meant to be viewed, explored, and reflected on slowly, compassionately.these pieces are not a "BRAND", the intent is not an "AESTHETIC" to be consumed blithely. they are not to be churned out and "consumed" at all.
they only exist through and are robust with memory: of history, of the present, of the spaces thought of as empty.
this work is made through physical actions with my body.

I am a person,

this is a heartfelt conversation.